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Night Star Private Property Towing in Santa Ana

1335 N. Santiago Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

At Night Star Private Property Towing in Santa Ana we provide fast response, 24 hour towing and impound services for property owners/ managers, apartment and condominium complexes, commercial and retail properties, restaurants, night clubs, security companies, Homeowner's Associations (HOA), and more. Illegally parked car removal services are free for authorized residential or commercial Property Owners / Managers.

Common Private Property Parking Violations

Our Services

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22658 provides for strict regualtions when towing an illegally parked vehicle from your private commercial or residential property.

Night Star Private Property Towing in Santa Ana employs a dedicated team who specialize in providing you with an immediate, effective solution for all of your parking concerns, in compliance with all of your city and state ordinances, laws and regualtions, at NO COST to you. Our services include a free consultation and inspection of your property and parking areas to inspect/ install proper signage in all of the required areas in order for us to legally tow any vehicle from your private property.